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ProMat 2023 Show Preview: End-to-End Optimization and Visibility

February 27, 2023 Experience new technologies in warehouse execution systems, projection pick-to-light, put walls and more at ProMat Booth S4307! At MHI-sponsored ProMat, from March 20-23, 2023, Matthews Automation’s exhibit displays advanced, best-of-breed solutions from Matthews to help visitors “Orchestrate Omnichannel Operations.” Matthews’ ProMat Booth S4307 showcases the following: Robotics enhancing a range of applications like goods-to-person, using specialized AMR […]

Lightning Pick Cloud

January 30, 2023 Based on over 30 years of experience developing computerized order fulfillment systems, Matthews has implemented over 1000 instances of Lightning Pick software in all types of companies, primarily for major brands in the distribution, logistics and warehousing industries, as well as manufacturers. We are now offering Lighting Pick Cloud which has been designed to help more organizations […]

Warehouse Automation Year in Review

December 20, 2022 The past year has once again illustrated the key role automation plays in sustaining the global supply chain. Brands of all types continued implementing innovative material handling technologies to address rising ecommerce volume with less labor resources, and to ensure their products quickly reach consumers’ homes as-ordered. Here’s a countdown of our top 5 automation trends and […]

Optimizing Goods-to-Person Applications with the Latest Warehouse Automation Technologies

November 29, 2022 Matthews Integrates WES, ASRS, AMRs and Pick-to-Light for Goods-to-Person Processes As companies prepare for 2023, they’re seeking new ways of meeting the demands of ecommerce order fulfillment amidst a shortage of labor, unpredictable supply chains, expensive warehouse space and other disruptions. Fortunately, established and evolving warehouse automation technologies are being combined, connected and reimagined in today’s distribution […]

Leading E-Grocery Brand Grows with Matthews Automation

October 19, 2022 Matthews increases order throughput by 5X and SKU count by 4X for a rapidly evolving e-grocery brand New Application Brief Even prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the e-grocery market was rapidly building momentum. One globally recognized e-grocery brand’s exponential growth generated the need for warehouse automation to quickly scale and meet demand. They collaborated with Matthews to […]

Building Bridges between Education & Industry

September 27, 2022 Matthews Automation Solutions | Lightning Pick has been a member of MHI for over 21 years and regularly partners with MHI’s educational outreach organizations to teach about warehouse automation and light-directed fulfillment technology. College Industry Council on Material Handling Education MHI’s College Industry Council on Material Handling Education (CICMHE) works to transform and modernize educational offerings in […]

Meet Matthews: Electrical Engineering

August 29, 2022 Matthews Automation Solutions is a leading provider of material handling systems and software, servicing customers from two North American locations. Our Pyramid | Compass team in Cincinnati, OH provides advanced warehouse execution software (WES) and warehouse control systems that integrate islands of automation and balance work for optimum throughput. Matthews’ Lightning Pick team delivers pick-to-light, put walls, […]

Top 10 Misconceptions About WES

July 22, 2022 | Dann Woellert The last several years have required warehouses to operate more efficiently to handle the increase in orders. For most this means increased automation, which can seem overwhelming to scope. A good warehouse execution system (WES) can integrate high level operational data to optimize workers and equipment. Deciding which WES company to engage with can […]

Pick-to-Light for Manufacturing – Part 1

June 29, 2022 How is Pick-to-Light Used in Manufacturing Applications? In the warehousing and order fulfillment side of the supply chain, pick-to-light systems have been a widely adopted material handling solution for decades. But, did you know that in the manufacturing realm, top global manufacturers have experienced rapid gains in speed and quality for their parts picking, assembly and material […]

Customer Support – Part of a Holistic Solution

May 23, 2022 | Dale Houser Proven Solutions Customer Service – when the everyday consumer hears these words it’s usually in the context of a complaint or issue with a product or service that was provided. However, at Matthews Automation Solutions, Customer Service is something completely different. For Matthews, Customer Service is an integral part of being a solutions provider. […]

MODEX 2022 Virtual Exhibit

April 18, 2022 Unable to Attend MODEX? Enjoy Virtual Demos of Matthews Automation Solutions’ Latest Technologies!   NEXUS Warehouse Execution System Matthews NEXUS next-generation Warehouse Execution System uses real-time data and adaptive learning to make intelligent decisions and provide end-to-end system visibility with a completely web-based user interface.   Put-to-Light Watch the Video! Put-to-Light solutions optimize the sortation of mixed-SKU […]

Pick-to-Light – More than Meets the Eye

March 31, 2022 | Lynn Drewicz Not Just for Customer Order Fulfillment Pick-to-light is proven and perfected for warehouse order fulfillment, such as ecommerce picking, store replenishment, or batch picking with carts. But we often run across great applications that use pick-to-light technology in a non-traditional way. This post describes a non-typical pick-to-light application for a leading retailer and service […]

Experience Exceptional Execution

February 24, 2022 See the latest advances in warehouse execution systems, pick-to-light, put walls and more – come visit us at MODEX Booth B5019! With 30-plus years of expertise, Matthews’ warehouse automation brands deliver innovative material handling solutions and proven results for major corporations worldwide. At MHI-sponsored MODEX 2022, from March 28–31, 2022, Matthews Automation Solutions’ exhibit displays advanced, best-of-breed […]

Matthews Fulfills the Need for Capacity

January 28, 2022 Ensuring Success End-to-End Capacity LLC is an engineering-centric third-party logistics provider (3PL) offering a full range of ecommerce and omnichannel order fulfillment services for top brands in cosmetics, electronics, subscription boxes, personal care products and more. Watch the video above to see how they help brands grow using robust and flexible pick, pack and ship systems from […]

Warehouse Automation for Subscription Box Fulfillment | Step Two: Exceptional Execution

December 14, 2021 | Dann Woellert This blog is the second in a series focused on material handling systems and software that optimize subscription box fulfillment. Sign up for our newsletter to receive future posts! 3PLs for Subscription Box Fulfillment According to the UBS financial services firm, the subscription economy will grow to $1.5 trillion by 2025, more than double […]

Warehouse Automation for Subscription Box Fulfillment | Step One: Power Up Picking

November 30, 2021 | Joe Pelej This blog is the first in a series focused on material handling systems and software that optimize subscription box fulfillment. Sign up for our newsletter to receive future posts! The Need for Speed Consumers continue signing up for subscription box plans even after the pandemic lockdowns have subsided. The convenience of replenishment plans, the […]

Five Methods of Automating Wine and Spirit Distribution for Agile Operations

October 20, 2021 | Austin Santich Wine and spirits distributors face shifting consumer tastes and buying behaviors, explosive SKU proliferation and increased order complexity. The following five warehouse automation technologies are scalable, agile methods of helping alcohol distributors maintain high-efficiency order fulfillment operations and first-class route delivery services. 1. Optimized Waving In route stop distribution, grouping stops together into waves […]

Partner Spotlight Blog: Guidance Automation White Paper on Intralogistics Automation

Guidance’s New Automation White Paper Just Released September 21, 2021 | Joe Pelej A Global Pioneer in Robotic Technologies This month’s Partner Spotlight features one of our own solution brands, Guidance Automation. Based in the United Kingdom, Guidance Automation is an award-winning pioneer in guidance, navigation and control technologies that enable or optimize automated guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots […]

Pick-to-Light 101

August 30, 2021 | Lynn Drewicz When seeking to shorten delivery cycles and reduce order picking errors, pick-to-light is a go-to technology for distribution centers (DCs), including ecommerce and third-party logistics (3PL), because it is the fastest operator-based picking strategy. In fact, through improved productivity and accuracy, implementing pick-to-light can reduce labor required by up to 50% – a significant […]

WES – Streamlining Flow and Increasing Order Accuracy

June 22, 2021 | Erica Wine In our recent Rockwell Automation webinar — Transforming Material Handling Operations — Dann Woellert, Software Product Manager, discussed a case study of state-of-the-art automation for a large meal kit delivery service. Below is an overview of Dann’s presentation, which you can watch in the video below this article. Meal Kit Delivery Services Market There […]

Partner Spotlight Blog: Labels vs. Print-on-Demand

How to Save Big (and Fast) with Direct Marking April 29, 2021 | Lynn Drewicz Introduction Efficiency is the name of the game and we love nothing more here Matthews Automation Solutions (MAS) than finding efficiencies that significantly cuts cost with a fast ROI. To that end, we’re interviewing Andrew Braham from our product identification division Matthews Marking Systems (MMS). […]

Changing Market Conditions and the State of the Warehouse Supply Chain

July 29, 2021 | Gary Cash I was recently interviewed by DC Velocity regarding the warehouse software and controls markets and the state of the warehouse supply chain. Below is a brief summary of the main points from the interview. Flexibility in Your Distribution Center As we’ve learned from Covid-19, building flexibility is critical for adapting to changing market conditions, […]

6 Material Handling Mega Trends for 2021 and Beyond

December 21, 2020 | Erica Wine In our recent webinar with Rockwell Automation’s Evan Kaiser — Transforming Material Handling Operations — Evan discussed 6 Material Handling “Mega Trends” that we thought our readers would like to know about. Matthews Automation Solutions has been a Rockwell Automation Solution Partner for 15 years. Trend #1: Explosion of SKUs New buying behaviors from […]

In-Store Grocery Order Fulfillment: Automated Picking with Pick-to-Light Carts

November 27, 2020 | Lynn Drewicz The demand for grocers to fill and deliver food orders has ramped up exponentially over the past year, in part due to the challenges of COVID-19. New paradigms and technologies are being accepted and implemented on a major scale. Many grocers are circumventing in-store shopping by rapidly expanding e-commerce, local store delivery (direct or […]

Autonomous Mobile Robots for Order Fulfillment

Robotic Integration into your Warehouse September 22, 2020 | Lynn Drewicz Mobile Robots for Picking Orders Are autonomous mobile robots right for your distribution centers or fulfillment operations? This article will help you explore several important considerations and also includes resources – such as a downloadable white paper – that will walk you through the next steps in planning your […]

Put Walls for E-Commerce Order Fulfillment

Sort and Pack Orders Simultaneously August 6, 2020 | Lynn Drewicz What is Put-to-Light? Do you have a busy e-commerce fulfillment operation with lots of SKUs? Put-to-light is an ideal technology for e-commerce fulfillment of consumer goods that can fit into bins or totes, such as apparel, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, electronics, toys and all types of small packaged goods. […]

Volatile Supply Chain due to COVID-19? Improve System Flow with WES

June 1 2020 | Dann Woellert The past few months have prompted numerous changes in daily life as well as material handling operations, punctuated by headlines like – “Amazon to Hire 100,000 Warehouse and Delivery Workers Amid Coronavirus Shutdowns.” The crisis and increased demand for home delivery has caused delays for many online providers. Now more than ever, operational efficiency […]

Information Anywhere

May 18, 2020 | Gary Cash Solution strategy for system success Matthews’ Information Anywhere methodology is an approach where software and control systems gather information from low-level sensors to high-level messaging and everything in-between to provide a clear view into the real-time status of a system allowing maximum visibility and decision making support to operators, supervisors and managers. This process […]

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