Matthews Automation provides the latest warehouse automation technologies and software, built on the legacy of our Pyramid, Compass and Lightning Pick products.

Employee using Warehouse Execution System software on a tablet

Warehouse Execution System

A WES is performance optimization software that sits below a WMS and encompasses a WCS. It utilizes sophisticated algorithms to leverage real-time inputs from all automation and data from inventory, order, labor, transportation, and other activities. With a WES in place, a distribution center’s operations can be optimized and dynamically managed, end-to-end.

Controls Panels with PLCs - Programmable Logic Controllers

Warehouse Control Systems

Warehouse Control System software connects automated systems, such as conveyors, sorters, ASRS, robotics, put walls, and picking systems, by communicating with the equipment’s PLCs to manage operation and enhance material flow. A Rockwell Automation Gold partner, Matthews has implemented new installations, retrofits of existing equipment and combinations of the two for a variety of customers.

Warehouse employee using a put wall to sort ecommerce orders

Order Fulfillment Solutions

Advanced order fulfillment execution technologies can add flexibility and improve efficiency in ecommerce and omnichannel order fulfillment operations. Matthews Automation’s Lightning Pick solutions for pick-to-light, put walls, pack-to-light/pack-to-store, picking carts, projection picking systems and others applications drive speed and accuracy for picking, sorting, kitting and assembly tasks.

AMR with picking top for ecommerce order fulfillment

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Autonomous mobile robots or AMRs can offer flexible automation solutions for order picking, sorting, material transport and other tasks. Matthews Automation integrates AMRs with other material handling automation and offers tops to customize virtually any vehicle for specific applications.

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