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classroom of educators doing demonstration of pick-to-light

September 27, 2022

Matthews Automation Solutions | Lightning Pick has been a member of MHI for over 21 years and regularly partners with MHI’s educational outreach organizations to teach about warehouse automation and light-directed fulfillment technology.

College Industry Council on Material Handling Education

MHI’s College Industry Council on Material Handling Education (CICMHE) works to transform and modernize educational offerings in material handling and hosts various events in support of material handling education and research.

Recently, Matthews was proud to once again be involved in the Material Handling Teachers Institute’s (MHTI) Conference – this year it was held in New York state at the University at Buffalo from August 7-10, 2022.

The MHTI Conference aims to help educators by facilitating learning and research about the material handling industry, promoting knowledge transfer, addressing current industry needs and trends, and strengthening the bridge between industry and academia.

Operations Management & Build2Light

To kick off the event’s educational program, CICMHE’s Past Chair, Dr. J. David Porter of Oregon State University (OSU), and Nicholas Krzyminski (Matthews Lightning Pick) co-presented “Incorporating a Build-to-Light System to a Facility Design and Operations Management Course”.
Logo of Build2Light light-directed error proofing system
Dr. Porter discussed how light-directed technology has been incorporated into Oregon State University’s facility design and operations management course and the student learning outcomes it has helped to achieve. OSU developed a laboratory module in its facility design and operations management course that uses a Build2Light station manufactured by Matthews Lighting Pick.

Next, Nick Krzyminski presented and showcased a hands-on Build2Light picking and assembly demonstration. Build2Light is a complete pick-to-light solution engineered to error-proof parts picking, kitting, assembly, sequencing and other material handling operations. The system guides operators to the correct parts and tasks with light-directed picking. Build2Light is an effective mistake-proofing tool (Poka-Yoke) for manufacturing and material handling.

The ease of learning the picking methodology was evident through the product demonstration, with volunteers completing a flashlight assembly challenge quickly and accurately.

You can read our ‘Pick-to-Light for Manufacturing Part 1’ post to learn more about these applications and see a video demonstration Build2Light being used for picking, kitting and assembly.

Focused on the Future of Supply Chain

The MHTI conference reached educators in the areas of material handling, facility layout/design/logistics, operations, and supply chain-related courses. Aligned with MHTI’s goal to strengthen the bridge between industry with academia, Matthews Automation is pleased to be involved in interactive educational opportunities. Matthews continues to work with organizations and institutes of technology to encourage students to learn, operate and utilize warehouse technologies in classrooms across the country.

Please contact Bernie McCabe (262.250.2386, [email protected]) if your school or organization would like Matthews to participate in a class or seminar.

For more Build2Light information contact Nicholas Krzyminski at 262.832.4475 or [email protected].

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