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May 23, 2022 | Dale Houser

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Customer Service – when the everyday consumer hears these words it’s usually in the context of a complaint or issue with a product or service that was provided. However, at Matthews Automation Solutions, Customer Service is something completely different. For Matthews, Customer Service is an integral part of being a solutions provider.

Matthews Automation Solutions includes leading warehouse automation brands – Pyramid | Compass and Lightning Pick. In addition, Matthews Automation Solution provides both controls and hardware solutions that work in concert with Pyramid, NEXUS and Compass CORS WES software (Warehouse Execution System). Together our products drive efficiency, accuracy and speed in high-volume order fulfillment and distribution centers.

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SLAs Guarantee Support When and Where You Need it

The world of distribution centers is fast-paced, where any form of downtime results in possible shipment delays to customers. As part of the Customer Service group, our service and support engineers primary focus is to assist the customer when their system is down or operating erratically. Through an annual SLA contract (Support Level Agreement) Matthews is committed to providing unlimited 24/7/365 support with targeted response times based on the severity of the situation. In the most serious case, we are committed to bringing resolution within 4 hours or less.

Unlike the Maytag technician coming to your house, the majority of technical support is provided remotely by both software and controls engineers. Using a ticketing system, the Matthews team keeps track of every email and phone call request, assigns the tickets to an engineer, and tracks progress. In 2021 the service team fulfilled 4,722 requests!

Customer Service does not stop with just remote support. Matthews Automation Solutions also provides on-site support if working remotely is not adequate. For SLA customers, we provide a discounted hourly rate which makes having a contract in place even more desirable.

If a Matthews project includes electrical hardware design (from control panels to sensors on the conveyors) then the Customer Service team is responsible for providing the customer with a list of recommended spare components as well as fulfilling customer orders.

Continuous Uptime During Peak Season

Everyone in the material handling industry is familiar with the phrase “Peak Support”. Peak is when a distribution center’s operation is at its most critical phase, and it typically starts about a week before Thanksgiving and runs up to Christmas. As you can guess, this is when the consumer is most active placing orders for the holidays. Continuous uptime is of paramount importance. There could be other smaller peak periods throughout the year, but Matthews’ primary focus is around the holiday season. As part of peak support, Matthews will sell services to either be at the job site to provide immediate support or will provide remote support via a dedicated number that connects the customer directly with a dedicated engineer.

As Matthews Automation Solutions continues to grow so will our portfolio of products and services. From scheduled preventive maintenance visits to on-site training Matthews will continue to identify ways to bring value to what Matthews values most – our customers.


For more information on Customer Support and SLAs, please contact us, email: [email protected] or call 513.679.7400



With close to 40 years in factory automation, Dale Houser has brought his engineering and business skills to a variety of organizations. Prior to joining Matthews Automation Solutions in the role of Customer Service Manager, Dale worked for PIA Automation in Evansville, Indiana where he developed and managed a U.S. based Customer Service department. Prior to PIA Automation, Dale worked for 10 years at Hahn Automation in Hebron, Kentucky in the roles of Controls Engineering Manager and Customer Support Manager – both of which were departments developed from the ground up to meet the needs of an aggressively growing automation organization.


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