Information Anywhere

May 18, 2020 | Gary Cash

Solution strategy for system success

Matthews’ Information Anywhere methodology is an approach where software and control systems gather information from low-level sensors to high-level messaging and everything in-between to provide a clear view into the real-time status of a system allowing maximum visibility and decision making support to operators, supervisors and managers. This process supercharges automated distribution and fulfillment operations by streamlining system communication, integration and decision making. Matthews warehouse automation software unites and synchronizes automated subsystems throughout your facility, creating an interconnected environment with algorithms and dashboards to optimize throughput and material flow. The data gathered, along with analysis of the data and decisions made based on the system status can be accessed in real-time from anywhere within Matthews-managed automated processes including equipment workstations, RF handhelds, pick-to-light devices, tablets, mobile apps, sophisticated software dashboards and more. This critical decision support drives continuous process enhancement for increased productivity, quality and operational efficiency.

Warehouse worker uses RF terinal to pick ordersWarehouse worker uses RF terminal to pick orders

Software improves visibility

Matthews utilizes a unique method for system design. We the wealth of information available to our control systems, WCS software and WES software in creative ways to improve system visibility and help users make better operational decisions. By leveraging core WCS functionality along with WES capabilities, we can gather as much data as possible throughout the warehouse to store and present KPIs to users. Dashboards enable operators to dynamically direct resources to busier zones based on anticipated system capacity. Information Anywhere equips tablets, workstations, lights, beacons, and alarms with the capacity to denote different statistics and convey sense of urgency throughout a facility.

Industrial beacon lighting to indicate equipment condition
Industrial beacon lighting to indicate equipment condition

Multiple real-time centralized data sources for full system synchronization

By utilizing information from numerous points, one can understand in real-time the status of all warehouse areas and resources, including statistics and errors. Information Anywhere collects data from the WMS, such as pick location, and provides information to the user based on the data received or analysis of the data to help make decisions. This enables pickers to put an item into a cubby and automatically associate it with an order. The WCS collects and relays picker productivity, scanner statistics, and PLC diagnostics as well as data on cartons, cases, and totes. It constantly updates the database to provide as much useful information as possible. Based on this data, the warehouse execution system is able to make timely and informed decisions automatically while allowing users to adjust relevant thresholds.

As a result of the Information Anywhere process, decisions made by the software or by operations personnel are based on actual up-to-the-minute data and maximize throughput and accuracy by coordinating the operating plan for the system with the real status of the system. Decisions being made are not based solely on expected status, but are able to incorporate real conditions to see that work is delivered to areas that have capacity, thus maintaining consistent efficiency across all resources.



For over 30 years, Gary Cash, Vice-President and General Manager of Matthews Automation Solutions’ Cincinnati-based Pyramid | Compass team, has been working with leading brands to create end-to-end, advanced material handling automation solutions. 


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