Leading E-Grocery Brand Grows with Matthews Automation

workers packing orders in an e-grocery facility

October 19, 2022

Matthews increases order throughput by 5X and SKU count by 4X for a rapidly evolving e-grocery brand

New Application Brief

Even prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the e-grocery market was rapidly building momentum. One globally recognized e-grocery brand’s exponential growth generated the need for warehouse automation to quickly scale and meet demand. They collaborated with Matthews to engineer and implement new material handling systems for their premier U.S. distribution center. The success of these solutions was then replicated in more new distribution centers throughout the country.

E-grocery order fulfillment is a highly specialized and dynamic process, often involving refrigerated warehouse space. The leading e-grocery brand partnered with Matthews Automation Solutions to automate key tasks throughout their operation and build fast, fresh, and accurate subscription and custom orders.

Key Technologies

  • Carton erectors feeding into a routing sorter
  • Light-directed picking
  • Carton routing
  • Warehouse execution system integrated with host system, pick-to-light, conveyors, sorters and automated order finishing
  • Print and Apply (PANDA) shipping labels and verification
  • Quality Control including weight checks
  • RF pallet building
  • High-speed shipping sorter

Matthews Warehouse Execution System orchestrates the order building and picking process, creating the most efficient pick paths. Workers pick fresh ingredients and promotional materials with a high-degree of accuracy using pick-to-light. Once orders are picked, they enter the order finishing area where they are automatically labeled and inspected for quality. After labels are applied and verified, ship-ready cartons enter the high-speed shipping sorter, where they are sorted to docks or RF staged pallets. Matthews also utilizes RF terminals to confirm replenishment and putaway. User-friendly WES dashboards provide real-time visibility and centralized control of fulfillment processes.

For more information on Matthews’ best-of-breed solutions, download our E-grocery Application Brief.


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