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demo of put wall sortation woman scanning item to put-to-light

February 24, 2022

See the latest advances in warehouse execution systems, pick-to-light, put walls and more – come visit us at MODEX Booth B5019!

With 30-plus years of expertise, Matthews’ warehouse automation brands deliver innovative material handling solutions and proven results for major corporations worldwide. At MHI-sponsored MODEX 2022, from March 28–31, 2022, Matthews Automation Solutions’ exhibit displays advanced, best-of-breed solutions from Matthews’ three warehouse automation brands—Compass, Lightning Pick and Pyramid.

Matthews’ MODEX Booth B5019 showcases the following:

Exceptional Warehouse Execution Software

Learn about NEXUS, Matthews’ next generation Warehouse Execution System for centralized system management. NEXUS uses real-time data and adaptive learning to make intelligent decisions, balance workflow, eliminate bottlenecks and increase visibility throughout a distribution center’s operations. NEXUS optimizes key order fulfillment tasks, such as picking, sortation, packing and finishing.

NEXUS also enhances its users’ competitive positions in the e-commerce, omni-channel, subscription box or third-party logistics marketplaces, just to name a few. A web-based front end, improved reporting and customizable dashboard give full process visibility and management.

Experience Put Wall Sortation

Matthews shows the next wave of light-directed technologies, including a Lightning Pick “put wall” (put-to-light) equipped with the latest advances in bin illumination. Watch a demonstration of a scan-and-put process sorting batches of mixed-SKU merchandise into individual ecommerce orders. On the other side of the two-sided put wall configuration, operators receive light-directed instructions for pack out and shipping.

A variety of light module types are available including modules with photo-eye sensors that enable operators to confirm a put without pushing a button. Lightning Pick hardware and software allow for myriad customization possibilities that can fit any complex sortation application.

Execute Light-Directed Picking and Assembly

Build a complimentary LED flashlight at the Matthews booth using Build2Light, an economical pick-to-light solution for the error-proofing of parts picking, kitting, assembly, sequencing and other material handling operations. Optional Lightning Pick Image Viewer technology adds a monitor mounted in the work area to display assembly instructions, part images, tool tips and more.

Zone picking, cluster picking and projection picking are also key light-directed technologies to boost the speed and order quality of broken case picking operations.

Integrate Away

All Matthews software can be integrated with WMS/MES/ERP systems and material handling equipment, such as conveyors, carts, autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and other robotic systems. Lightning Pick’s software integrates directly with a customer’s existing warehouse management system (WMS) or warehouse execution system (WES), such as NEXUS. How’s that for execution?
Matthews' Dave Remsing and Austin Santich interviewed by Industrial Sage

Who is Matthews Automation Solutions?

Matthews’ track record includes end customers who are industry leaders in traditional retail and ecommerce for cosmetics, apparel, CPG, e-grocery, meal kits, convenience food, beverages, pet products, health and fitness, personal care, manufacturing and many other markets. Matthews also partners with the best integrators and material handling technology providers in the business. Watch Matthews’ integrated technologies in motion with this interview and booth recap from MODEX 2020 – click the image on the right.

Why Pick Matthews Automation Solutions?

Delivering a truly unique brand experience is essential, which adds complexity to the order fulfillment process. But don’t worry, because as the consumer fulfillment landscape expands and evolves, Matthews is uniquely positioned to help fulfillment operations boost throughput, capacity, accuracy and cost efficiency. Matthews’ approach enables distributors to apply the right combinations of automation and software for their specific challenges today, with the flexibility and scalability to meet future needs.

Experience exceptional execution at MODEX 2022, Booth B5019, at the Georgia World Congress Center, March 28–31, 2022. For more information, contact Lynn Drewicz, Marketing Manager, Matthews Automation Solutions at [email protected], 262.250.2169, or visit matthewsautomation.com.

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