Partner Spotlight Blog: Guidance Automation White Paper on Intralogistics Automation

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Guidance’s New Automation White Paper Just Released

September 21, 2021 | Joe Pelej

A Global Pioneer in Robotic Technologies

This month’s Partner Spotlight features one of our own solution brands, Guidance Automation. Based in the United Kingdom, Guidance Automation is an award-winning pioneer in guidance, navigation and control technologies that enable or optimize automated guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and other mobile robotics systems.

robotics white paper on warehouse intralogistics automation
For over 25 years Guidance has delivered a broad range of autonomous transport solutions for airports, healthcare, production, bottling, printing, retail, marine, warehousing, and other mobile applications. Today they have thousands of active systems in service worldwide.

AMR Solutions for Integrated Material Handling Automation

Guidance’s state-of-the-art enabling technologies for vehicle control, navigation systems and route management systems join Matthews Automation Solutions’ recognized Pyramid | Compass and Lightning Pick brand products for warehouse execution systems (WES), warehouse control systems (WCS), pick-to-light, put walls, print-and-apply labeling and other material handling automation.

Now Matthews solutions can leverage the benefits of mobile robots as part of a fully integrated system to supplement labor resources and drive throughput for picking, sortation, packing, finishing and other order fulfillment tasks.

New White Paper on Intralogistics Automation

In April 2021, Guidance commissioned research to understand the importance of intralogistics automation, including the role of Autonomous Mobile Robot Technologies (AMRs) within companies in the U.K. with warehousing, fulfilment, production, or distribution operations. The research assessed the current level of awareness and confidence in technology, including AMRs, the need for automation and plans for adoption, as well as the impact of automation on employees.

Please read the results in our new white paper, COVID-19 Fast-Tracks Intralogistics Automation.
For more information about Guidance Automation visit To discuss material handling applications using robotics in North America, please contact Matthews Automation Solutions today.


Joe Pelej has 20 years of experience strategizing and implementing marketing programs for the material handling industry. Originally an employee of Lightning Pick, the leading provider of pick to light and other light directed warehouse systems in North America, Joe was excited to join the Matthews Automation Solutions team in 2011. Currently, Joe oversees the marketing strategy and branding for Matthews’ best-of-breed warehouse automation brands including Lightning Pick, Pyramid, and Compass. Outside the office, Joe enjoys outdoor activities with his family and fostering pets for the local humane society.



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