Matthews’ Inbound Receiving Solution Featured by Modern Materials Handling

George Harbachuk, RAF Technology’s Vice President of Marketing with the Matthews’ Inbound Receiving Solution. Photo courtesy of

Editor Bridget McCrea of Modern Materials Handling magazine toured the Matthews Automation Solutions’ exhibit at MODEX 2018 and featured the showcased Inbound Receiving Solution that synchronizes different technologies from multiple Matthews’ brands.

In the article “Matthews showcases its integrated, automated inbound receiving solution,” McCrea highlighted the solution’s combination of autonomous mobile robots with deep-learning artificial intelligence (AI) from Guidance Automation, an advanced warehouse control system from Compass Engineering, ZoneLinkTC controllers from Holjeron and Optical Character Recognition software from RAF Technology.

McCrea writes, “By increasing throughput while decreasing production costs, Matthews’ solution delivers next-level, Industry 4.0 innovation that helps streamline and/or eliminate unnecessary processes.”

Additionally, she quoted George Harbachuk, Vice President of Marketing at RAF Technology. “Matthews has amassed a great technology portfolio over the last few years,” he said, “and now we’re able to demonstrate how it all works together right here on the MODEX expo floor.”

Click here to read the full feature story.

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