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Experience Matthews’ next generation of intelligent, innovative and integrated solutions with this online overview of Booth 4013.

Welcome to Booth 4013

Watch the video introduction of our 2020 demonstrations with Matthews’ Gary Cash.

A couple AMRs of different types - picking cart top with pick-to-light and roller conveyor top

Optimize Order Fulfillment with Collaborative Robotics


Matthews’ educational seminar and white paper provide insights on effective autonomous mobile robot (AMR) applications such as order picking, sortation and material transport. Hear and read how a proven implementation strategy utilizing system planning and simulation delivers successful robotics solutions that seamlessly integrate with new and existing automation (WES, conveyors, pick-to-light, put walls and more).

Achieve Optimum Operational Performance


Matthews software connects, centralizes and synchronizes key automation sub-systems from receiving to picking, sorting to finishing. Proven Warehouse Execution Systems and other Matthews software products deliver real-time visibility and drive speed, accuracy and throughput throughout your distribution and order fulfillment operations.

Warehouse Execution System Facility Viewer


Detailed Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows users to remotely manage operations & perform real-time maintenance and diagnostics

Operational Flow Management – Receiving to Shipping

Facility Viewer – Integrated Camera System

MHE Views and Performance Metrics

Dashboard showing graphs of system productivity


Holistic management of end-to-end automated systems provides more efficient use of resources and continuous, intelligent operations.

Interconnected systems can be managed collectively

WES measures and evaluates rates to decide based on capacity

Beginning to end system synchronization

Cohesive system management

Warehouse Execution System Command Center Display


Real time operational statistics, delivered with advanced graphical dashboards, enable superior business intelligence and decision support.

Continuous measurements

Exception management with real-time error resolution

Holistic system analysis

Predict upcoming workload

Enhanced order flow, accuracy, and fulfillment speed


The following MODEX product demonstrations are managed by Matthews software. Click for more information on Pyramid Director, Compass CORS, Lightning Pick Ops Manager or email [email protected] to discuss your requirements and learn which Matthews software solution is best for your operation.

Matthews pick-to-light directing an order pick


Pick-to-Light systems use light modules mounted to new or existing rack, shelving and other storage media to direct pickers to the correct product locations and quantities required for an order. Light-directed picking adds speed and accuracy for medium to fast moving SKUs, usually grouped together with a relatively high level of density. The technology can be engineered to improve many order selection techniques including zone picking, batch picking, cluster picking and more. For more information visit Matthews Lightning Pick-to-Light.

Matthews autonomous robot with picking attachment stopping at pick-to-light shelves


Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) improve order fulfillment efficiency by alleviating human operators of manual tasks such as material movement, enabling them to concentrate on valuable tasks like order picking. Matthews AMRs utilize a universal base that can be augmented with a variety of application specific attachments. Matthews’ MODEX booth featured an AMR with an order fulfillment shelving top, further enhanced with light modules. In Atlanta the AMR was integrated with a shelving unit outfitted with Pick-to-Light, to demonstrate a fully light-directed cluster picking system. Click for more information on AMR-Assisted Picking.

Matthews material transport AMR arriving at powered MDR conveyor


This Matthews AMR utilizes a motor-driven roller conveyor top to collect and transport totes or cartons between other conveyors, workstations, pick areas and put walls. At MODEX an MDR conveyor fed totes of product, batch picked upstream with Pick-to-Light, to this conveyor-top AMR for delivery to Put Walls for e-commerce sortation. The integration of the powered conveyor and the AMR conveyor controls is through Matthews WES. This solution is ideal for facilities with areas where conveyor isn’t the best application, and a flexible material flow enhances dynamic environments like direct-to-consumer order fulfillment. Click here for more information on this Matthews AMR option.

Matthews put-to-light system showing order sorting at put wall


Put-to-Light systems, sometimes called Put Walls or Put Pods, are a space and cost-efficient method of quickly sorting product to individual e-commerce orders. A standard application has totes of batch picked merchandise being delivered to the Put area. Operators scan and sort each product to the correct ‘cubby’, which represents a specific customer order. The Put systems are configured to best fit your unique process, product sizes and batch wave details. As those orders are completed, the lights on same, or opposite, side of the wall indicate that the order is ready for packing. This ‘put and pack’ technique improves accuracy and throughput. Matthews offers a deep catalog of hardware options, including touchless task confirmation, to optimize your specific requirements. Click for more information on Matthews Put solutions.

Let’s Talk About Your Application

Matthews Automation Solutions Pick to Light and Autonomous Mobile RobotThank you for visiting our Virtual Exhibit. We’re happy to provide more photos, video or product details on any of our Atlanta demonstrations. Our solution specialists are also available to discuss your upcoming projects and applications.   

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