Matthews AMRs are fully integrated with WMS, WES, pick-to-light, put walls, conveyor and other warehouse automation to deliver collaborative, AMR-assisted operations. Matthews AMR attachments are engineered to optimize your specific requirements for order picking, material transport and more.


As a leading provider of warehouse automation software to optimize waving, picking, sortation, and order finishing, Matthews Automation Solutions directly integrates AMR fleets into Lightning Pick Ops Manager, plus both Pyramid Director and Compass Order Routing System (CORS) warehouse execution systems.

Matthews’ first-class software, forward-thinking robotics technologies and proven interface expertise deliver autonomous vehicle-based solutions to increase throughput and supplement labor resources—no complicated WMS modifications or extensive IT support needed.


Matthews’ scalable AMR fleet management system includes simulation mode, analytics, dynamic fleet routing, and real-time scheduling. The software also integrates with WMS, WES, WCS and MES systems and controls, plus applications for pick-to-light, put walls, conveyor and other material handling automation. This ensures optimal AMR movement in the environment, resource allocation, and process throughput.


Matthews’ universal AMRs can be fitted with specially engineered attachments to meet your operation’s unique order picking, material transport and other fulfillment and distribution tasks.

Autonomous Mobile Robot for Order Picking


Matthews AMRs can be equipped with a variety of attachments to optimize unique order picking requirements. The AMR can carry multiple totes or shipping cartons. Plus, pick and put-to-light technology can be added to ensure items are sorted to the right order, and in the correct quantity. Matthews AMRs can function like autonomous, mobile put walls, picking carts or other pick-to-light solutions. Once all picks are completed, the AMR brings filled cartons or totes to put walls or other areas. Matthews’ AMR-assisted picking systems enable operators to concentrate on their main task—picking—without spending time handling carts or interacting with conveyors.

Autonomous Mobile Robot for Material Transport


Matthews vehicles can be outfitted with a motor-driven roller (MDR) conveyor attachment on top. Enabling them to either complement existing conveyor systems, or be deployed in areas where conveyor installation may not be physically or financially feasible. The powered rollers allow a carton or tote to glide smoothly onto and off of the attachment when the vehicle reaches its destination. Applications include load transfer to powered or non-powered conveyors, to pallets for cross-docking, or to picking and sortation areas equipped with pick-to-light, put-to-light, automated loop or case sorters, and more.


  • Reduce pick/put errors
  • Reduce operator walking or driving time
  • Increase throughput with intelligent task routing software
  • Focus operators on value-added work versus repetitive, manual tasks
  • Adapt to fluctuating demand and seasonal peaks
  • No need to reconfigure your working environment
  • Integration with other material handling automation
  • Enables employees to concentrate on their core task—order picking
  • Synchronized interaction between AMRs, pick/put systems, and operators
  • ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012 and ANSI/ITSDF B56.5-2012 compliance
  • Fully integrated with other best-in-class Matthews Automation Solutions software and systems


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