See Matthews elevate material handling automation with state-of-the-art Warehouse Execution System solutions.

At the epicenter of order fulfillment efficiency and performance lies NEXUS, the new Warehouse Execution System from Matthews Automation Solutions.

Learn how NEXUS can balance work and boost material flow in your distribution center!

Matthews NEXUS, our new Warehouse Execution System (WES) software, seamlessly integrates material handling equipment, devices and resources to deliver a singular, unified automation solution for your entire operation. NEXUS uses real-time data to provide superior system visibility and intelligent decision making.

NEXUS is developed by the combined teams and technologies that created the industry-leading Pyramid Director and Compass CORS warehouse software and controls platforms. Adaptive learning at the core of this next generation WES dynamically balances work for optimum material flow and order fulfillment performance. Partner with Matthews to transform your DC into an agile, fulfillment forward operation capable of meeting distribution challenges today, and tomorrow.

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