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E-Commerce Apparel Retailer

A leading .com women’s intimate apparel retailer needed a powerful, flexible warehouse control system (WCS) installed and customized for a facility-wide implementation within its new, greenfield, state-of-the-art order fulfillment distribution center (DC). As the company’s only DC, the facility handles a variety of branded cosmetics, perfumes, personal care items, home décor, footwear, outerwear and women’s clothing. Read how Pyramid Director WCS optimizes order fulfillment across multiple technologies to deliver maximum efficiency and precise inventory control.


Women’s Intimate Apparel Retailer

To better support store replenishment, a leading women’s intimate apparel retailer needed a powerful, flexible warehouse control system (WCS) installed and customized. The company also required new material handling equipment (MHE) with Pyramid Controller Series control hardware and software for a retrofit and upgrade at its sole existing store replenishment distribution center (DC), in the Midwest. Read how Pyramid Director WCS interfaces with the Pyramid Controller Series to direct picking and routing of inventory to retail stores.


Multi-Brand Store, E-Commerce Retailer

A leading retailer of lingerie, personal care and beauty products, apparel and accessories conducted an enterprise-wide study of its distribution center (DC) operations in an effort to make significant improvements in post-packing to shipping processes. Although such an exercise is common today, this company initiated their study in 1996. Findings included the need to introduce compliance labeling within the outbound supply chain and to automate shipping label printing and application. Read how Pyramid’s cutting-edge, high-performance print/apply labeling system for store deliveries and e-commerce fulfillment improves the outbound supply chain.


XeroxHoljeron2-115wHoljeron’s 24-volt DC Powered Rollers Save Energy and Money for Xerox

In a comprehensive study of energy use in Xerox’s Wilsonville, Oregon facility, a team from Oregon State University’s Industrial Assessment Center discovered several opportunities to decrease energy use and increase productivity. Among the items featuring the best return on investment was retrofitting the existing belt-driven live Rroller conveyor with Holjeron 24 VDC Microroller® powered rollers. Read the case study.

Leading Snack Manufacturer Saves Time and Money with MPERIA™ and VIAjet™ T-Series

When a leading snack manufacturer experienced problems marking on corrugated boxes with its existing printers, the results were costly downtime from operator errors, frequent repairs and leaking ink. Matthews Marking Systems provided a solution that not only reduced downtime, but also increased the print field, allowed for complete connectivity of all lines to a central database and reduced ink waste. Read the case study.


Symbion Consumer Boosts Accuracy & Performance, Cuts Labor with Mobile Pick Carts

After consolidating operations into one facility, this Australian vitamin supplement company struggled with a variety of pick-related issues, including accuracy, performance, picking labor costs, breakages and damaged stock. By implementing a mobile picking cart system, Symbion Consumer boosted accuracy and performance—while cutting its labor requirements. Read the case study.


LightningPick_WhitePaper_3KeyFeatures-BatchPicking-1Selecting the Right Mobile Pick Cart to Support Batch Picking

Looking to add a mobile cart system to support batch picking in your operation? Here’s an overview from Lightning Pick of the three cart features most critical to order fulfillment operations.

MATW_GypsumIndustry_WP_2014-1Selecting a Gypsum Board Marking System: Three Critical Factors for Manufacturers

This Matthews Marking Systems white paper is intended to help gypsum board manufacturers identify and understand the key features to consider when evaluating marking systems for gypsum board printing.

HOL-SDSwpRapid Deployment of Assembly Lines Using the Smart Distributed System

This Holjeron white paper describes how “Smart” control systems based on the Smart Distributed System (SDS) and personal computers (PCs) decrease design and installation costs, reduce operating costs and allow the use of an assembly line sooner than was previously possible. It explains the SDS architecture and describes some of the components that make up a Smart System, and includes with real-world examples.


Distribution Solutions from Lightning Pick & Pyramid

Corrugated Case Marking by Matthews Marking Systems

Holjeron Controller for Green (Uncured) Tire Manufacturing

MPERIA™ T-Series Technology from Matthews Marking Systems

Integrated Put-to-Light and Auto-Bagger System by Lighting Pick

Stacked Wood Marking from Matthews Marking Systems

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