Online sales are booming. And shoppers expect their order to arrive quickly and be easy to return. Merchants selling direct-to-consumer via the Internet rely on automated distribution and order fulfillment technologies and equipment to exceed customer expectations with integrated systems from Matthews Automation Solutions’ brands.

Matthews… Helping E-tailers Deliver.

Control products from Holjeron enable automated machinery—from conveyors and sorters, to boxing and palletizing—to communicate and function in harmony, supporting tracking, handling, transport and shipping processes. Holjeron controls are found at most of the world’s major e-commerce companies.

On-demand corrugated box marking solutions from Matthews Marking Systems replace adhesive print-and-apply labels and eliminate pre-printed cases with direct carton marking of graphics, messages, barcodes and traceability information.

At the point of distribution and order fulfillment, systems from Lightning Pick support light-directed, error-proof picking by guiding operators to the correct items and quantities required. A full line of picking carts and put-to-light optimize the sortation of batch-picked products into individual customer orders.

Automated material movement is backed by integrated controls and software from Pyramid to direct receiving, putaway, picking, conveyance, sortation, document insertion, parcel labeling, automated boxing and bagging of orders, and shipping to (and returns from) customers. Pyramid also provides customized installations and re-control of existing material handling equipment, including sorters, conveyors, automated storage and retrieval, auto-bagging and order finishing systems (such as automatic print-and-apply labeling and automatic document insertion).

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